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DOC, DOCG, IGT and VdLT:Italian Wine Label Alphabet Soup

CB Chianti is a DOCG Wine 

As in France, and most of Europe, Italian wines are classified based on where the grapes were grown and the wines produced. Unlike the United States, Canada and Australia, Europe emphasizes geography over varietal. While this may be frustrating for the new world consumer, there is a reason for this system. Sense of place is very important to the Europeans. Many vineyards have histories dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. During this time, the owners and consumers have developed a relationship with the land, the culture and the foods. All of these factors meld into one seamless experience. Some areas have developed a reputation over time as producing quality wines. It is therefore important to protect the reputation these regions have taken so many years to develop. Possibly the most famous of these names in Italy is Chianti. When someone sees Chianti on the label, they have a right to know what they are getting. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Prestigious Regional Trophy goes to C.C. Jentsch’s acclaimed Syrah.

Prestigious Regional Trophy goes to 

C.C. Jentsch’s acclaimed Syrah.

The 2013 vintage continues totake home top honors for Syrah.

 For immediate release: Oliver, BC (October 6, 2015)  The honors keep rolling in for the 2013 Syrah from C.C. Jentsch Cellars in Oliver, British Columbia. This time the Syrah has won the 2015 North American Red Regional Trophy at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards. Co-chaired by highly respected wine experts Jeannie Cho Lee, MW and Steven Spurrier, the competition was created by the publication Decanter Asia. As the counterpart to Decanter Magazine’s World Wine Awards, it reflects the growing importance of the Asian markets in the world of wine and for the British Columbian wine industry.  This marks the third occasion in four months that C.C. Jentsch’s 2013 Syrah has been singled out as the best of its kind. After taking a Platinum Award at the Wine Align National Wine Awards in July, the Syrah also bested the international competition in a benchmark tasting dubbed “The Judgement of BC” which also included Decanter Asia Wine Awards cochair Steven Spurrier. Owners Chris and Betty Jentsch are thrilled at the recognition their Syrah has achieved along with the growing acclaim of wine maker Amber Pratt. “Amber’s style and focus on elegance is across our whole portfolio,” says Chris Jentsch. “She’s not afraid to change things up when she needs to but sticks with the goal of crafting wines with finesse.” The 2013 Syrah was made only using Syrah grapes, unlike the inaugural 2012 Syrah in which a very small portion of Viognier was added to Syrah to enhance its aromatics. A technique widely used with Syrah in Australia and France’s northern Rhone Valley, Pratt found no need for this with the 2013 vintage. Chris Jentsch is quick to heap the praise for the wines’ successes on the whole winery team which includes Jose, Dennis, David in the vineyard and Michael and Gord in the wine shop. As the sole owners of the vineyard on the Golden Mile Bench where much of the Syrah was grown, the Jentsch family also deserves credit for their own success. “The Golden Mile is great place to grow grapes,” says Chris. “We love it here.”  About C.C. Jentsch Cellars Growing up in the Okanagan, Chris Jentsch continued the fruit-growing tradition of his family by growing apples and cherries before planting his first grapevines in 1999. The current 63–acre vineyard on the Golden Mile Bench was planted beginning in 2005. After the 2010 Testalinden Creek debris flow destroyed his house, Chris began to get into the wine industry. He converted his packinghouse, which had been spared from the debris flow by mere inches, into a winery and began making wine in the 2012 vintage. Winemaker Amber Pratt, also a native of BC, joined Chris soon after right in time to work on the 2013 vintage. 

Media Contact: Chris Jentsch (250) 498-7873 or  
C.C. Jentsch Cellars 4522 Hwy 97, Oliver, BC 778-439-2091 Twitter - @CCJentschCellar

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What is Prosecco

I dont know about you but for me a Prosecco is a delightful sparkling that deliver big at a very reasonable price. Its a go to in my house for those relaxing days.
Prosecco /prɵˈsɛkoʊ/ (Italian: [proˈsekko]) is an Italian white sparkling wine, generally a dry or extra dry wine. It is made from Glera grapes, formerly known also as Prosecco, but other grape varieties such as Bianchetta Trevigiana may be included.[1] The name is derived from that of the Italian village of Prosecco near Trieste, where the grape may have originated.[2] DOC Prosecco is produced in the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, traditionally mainly around Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, in the hills north of Treviso
Prosecco is the main ingredient of the Bellini cocktail and can be a less expensive substitute for Champagne.[3][4] n Italy, Prosecco is a ubiquitously utilized wine.[2] Outside Italy, it is most often drunk as an apéritif, much as Champagne is. As with other sparkling wines, Prosecco is served chilled.[9]

Unlike Champagne, Prosecco does not ferment in the bottle, and it grows stale with time. It should be drunk as young as possible,[24] preferably within three years of its vintage, although high-quality Prosecco may be aged for up to seven years.[25]

Compared to other sparkling wines, Prosecco is low in alcohol, about 11 to 12 percent by volume.[9] The flavor of Prosecco has been described as intensely aromatic and crisp, bringing to mind yellow apple, pear, white peach, and apricot.[4][9] Unlike Champagne, appreciated for its rich taste and complex secondary aromas,[9] most Prosecco variants have intense primary aromas[9] and are meant to taste fresh, light and comparatively simple.[3]

Most commonly Prosecco is served unmixed, but it also appears in several mixed drinks. It was the original main ingredient in the Bellini cocktailand in the Spritz cocktail, and it can also replace Champagne in other cocktails such as the Mimosa.[26] With vodka and lemon sorbet, Prosecco is also an ingredient of the Italian mixed drink Sgroppino.

Il Follo

The Follador family goes back generations as farmers of the soils in the hills of Valdobbiadene – the heart of Prosecco production. This tradition continues, as Vittorio Follador and his family produce exceptional sparkling wines today. ‘The Follo’ is a village in Valdobbiadene, on the famous foothill of Cartizze. The winery is situated near this village of old wine tradition, which expresses the history and culture of these lands, and it has become IL Follo’s brand since 2002. 

IL Follo’s flagship Prosecco DOC is an exceptional version of this quintessential Italian bubbly. Fresh and lively in the mouth, with a hint of tangerine citrus. Delicate citrus flavours of lemon and orange linger on the palate, and are followed by a smooth, crisp finish. Look for this prosecco in the Okanagan Valley's private liquor store. If its not available just request it. Its price is around $17 to 18$. 

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The Wines of British Columbia Shine at The Judgment of BC Wine Tasting with Steven Spurrier and DJ Kearney

This is from the BC Wine Institute, a mojor win for C.C. Jentsch Cellars of Oliver.

VANCOUVER, BCThe Wines of British Columbia were put to the ultimate test at the Judgment of BC on Tuesday, August 25, pitting 12 BC Wines against 12 acknowledged global benchmarks. We are proud to announce BC's C.C. Jentsch Syrah 2013 from the Okanagan Valley ranked first among the flight of Syrah, and Soumah Chardonnay Single Vineyard 2013 from Yarra Valley, Victoria Australia came out on top for the flight of Chardonnays.

Steve Spurrier
Steve Spurrier
Inspired by the legendary Judgment of Paris in 1976, famously depicted in the Hollywood blockbuster "Bottle Shock," the Judgment of BC was a blind tasting of 12 Chardonnay wines and 12 Syrahs; 6 were from BC and 6 were international benchmarks. Renowned British wine critic Steven Spurrier, who was responsible for the original Judgment of Paris nearly forty years ago, and currently the consulting editor for Decanter Magazine and Chair of the Decanter World Wine Awards, scored the wines along with 16 expert Canadian wine judges including Barbara Philip MW, Brad Royale, David Scholefield, Terry Threlfall, Tim Pawsey, Sid Cross, Kurtis Kolt, Treve Ring and John Schreiner.

"For me wine is the three 'P's': the place, the people and the product. British Columbia ticks all these boxes with exuberance, elegance and conviction." noted Steven Spurrier.

"It was a courageous tasting. The point was about discovery and learning, not about winning or
DJ Kearney
losing. It's about pushing ourselves in our wine regions" noted DJ Kearney, curator of the event. "The global benchmark wines were of a very high calibre. It was important to be challenged by high quality international wines, and we were. And we will do it again. We must do it again."

Although we are thrilled with the results, the goal of this tasting was to honestly assess the current state of grapegrowing and winemaking in BC in order to provide a clear perspective of the distinct characteristics of British Columbia wine in relation to global standards, and to achieve a focused vision for the continued evolution of the BC Wine Industry.

"We are extremely proud of how the Wines of British Columbia showed at this monumental tasting," remarked BC Wine Institute President and CEO Miles Prodan. "The modern winemaking industry in BC is still in its infancy compared to many regions around the world with this year marking the 25th anniversary of BC VQA. It is astounding to see how much the BC Wine Industry has evolved in such a short time and to have the likes of Steven Spurrier endorse the wines as heartily as he had. Our grapegrowers and winemakers should all be very proud of the excellent quality we have achieved in our beautiful regions."

"We have to measure ourselves against our international peers. I was very pleased with the performance of the Syrahs. Chardonnay is a work in progress. There were 24 top flight wines in the tasting, not one that I wouldn't have on my dinner table." noted John Schreiner.

"The Chardonnay in BC is not showing enough distinct terroir as others from around the world but Syrahs are making a statement, ranking first, fourth and fifth in tough company." observed Sid Cross. "It shows the Syrah is world class among its peers."


1. Soumah Chardonnay Single Vineyard 2013 | Yarra Valley, Victoria | $27  
2. Kumeu River Chardonnay Hunting Hill 2012    | Auckland, New Zealand | $35
3. Hamilton Russell Chardonnay 2014 | Hemel-en-Aarde, South Africa | $40
4. Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis Premier Cru Montmains 2012 | France | $45
5. Bouchard Père & Fils Meursault Premier Cru Genevrières 2011 | France | $86
6. Blue Mountain Chardonnay Reserve 2013 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $30
7. Tantalus Chardonnay 2012 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $24
8. Robert Mondavi Chardonnay Reserve 2013 | Carneros, California | $44
9. Mission Hill Chardonnay Perpetua 2013 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $50 (tie)
9. Quails' Gate Chardonnay Rosemary's Block 2013 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $30 (tie)
10. Meyer Family Chardonnay Micro Cuvée 2012 | Okanagan Valley, BC |$65
11. Haywire Chardonnay Canyonview 2013 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $25


1. C.C. Jentsch Syrah 2013 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $30
2. Langmeil Shiraz Orphan Bank 2012 |   Barossa, South Australia | $68
3. Domaine Vincent Paris Cornas Granit 60 2013 | France | $66
4. Nichol Syrah 2012 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $40
5. Le Vieux Pin Syrah Cuvée Classique 2013 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $50
6. Ojai Syrah 2011 | Santa Barbara, California | $30
7. Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Sunrock Shiraz 2011 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $30
8. Orofino Syrah Scout Vineyard 2012 | Similkameen Valley, BC | $29
9. J.L. Chave Selections Crozes-Hermitage Silène 2012 | France | $40
10. Tyrell's Shiraz Vat 9 2011 | Hunter Valley, New South Wales | $49
11. Laughing Stock Syrah 2013 | Okanagan Valley, BC | $38
12. K Vintners Syrah The Beautiful 2012 | Walla Walla, Washington | $70


About the British Columbia Wine Institute (BCWI)
Since 1990, the BCWI has played a pivotal role in taking BC's wine industry from a vision to an internationally recognized niche region producing premium wines and providing quality wine tourism experiences.

Representing 149 member wineries throughout the province, the BCWI supports and markets the Wines of British Columbia (BC VQA), which gives consumers assurance they are buying a wine that is from 100% BC grapes. BCWI membership represents 95% of total grape wine sales and 94% of total BC VQA wine sales in British Columbia. The BCWI also markets the wine regions of BC; delivers quality trade, media and consumer tastings; and acts as the voice of BC's wine industry by advocating to government on behalf of its members.    

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C.C. Jentsch Cellars is at it again with major awards.

C.C. Jentsch Cellars Wins Big


The National Wine Awards of Canada  

Now Its time you try

Visit or your local private liquor store and some of your favorite restaurant throughout the Okanagan and the lower mainland.

Congratulations! The following wines have won an award:

C.C. Jentsch 2013 Syrah

C.C. Jentsch 2012 Syrah

C.C. Jentsch 2013 The Chase

C.C. Jentsch 2013 Small Lot Malbec

C.C. Jentsch 2014 The Quest

C.C. Jentsch 2014 Small Lot Series Viognier

C.C. Jentsch 2014 Small Lot Series Barrel Fermented Chardonnay
C.C. Jentsch 2013 Cab/Merlot
I am also pleased to announce that C.C. Jentsch Cellars placed 5th in the Top 10 BC Wineries list, 3rd in the Top 10 Small Wineries list and 7th in the Top 25 Wineries list!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Chase 2013

Today, Amber Pratt, winemaker at C.C. Jentsch Cellars in Oliver BC, discusses the winery's flagship wine, The Chase 2013.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Win a Romantic Getaway Weekend for Two..Selfies "The chase" Contest.

Win a Romantic Getaway Weekend 
Selfies “The Chase” Contest, See Rules below.


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C.C. Jentsch Cellars, What's in a name, but a true love story!

With Valentine's day around the corner I thought this was a nice story to share.

At C.C. Jentsch Cellars, the focus on crafting the finest fruit into honestly made, premium wines that represent outstanding quality and value. All of these luscious wines come from sun-soaked, mature, Okanagan fruit and with a very reasonable price tag.


Like most people you probably assumed that C. C. were Chris’ initials? Me too! Actually, they stand for his middle name, Carl, and his wife`s middle name, Coelho, which means rabbit in Portuguese. Chris' branding describes his life, or more accurately, the most important part of it- his love and devotion for his wife, Betty. For 30 years, Chris believed that both he and Betty, born in 1963, were the same Chinese Zodiac sign - the Rabbit. One day, a Korean restaurateur explained to him that the Chinese New Year starts in February, and suddenly he realized that he had been a Tiger all along. Chris illustrates all of this in his branding and the names of his wines: 'The Chase', and 'The Dance' (a Rosé), are all themes coming from the pursuit of, and desire for the one woman I have loved for so many years. And one day I am going to catch her...”


Chris Jentsch is a man, a husband, a father and a farmer. He grew grapes for decades when he and agroup of friends pondered what they would do differently if they could go back 40 years…and the answers were all the same - take more risks. This stayed with Chris and fueled the fire to turn his estate grown fruit into good, honest wine. That’s the story, no frills or gimmicks, just a guy taking risks. Chris is down to earth, kind, and lives life “one day at a time”.

This Valentine'sday, cut to the chase and get the chase.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Wine pairing advice from a rising star wine maker

The holiday season is a great time to share great food and great wine with friends and family. Pairing the right wine can be a challenge. Amber Pratt is the winemaker at C.C. Jentsche Cellars, below are her recommandations to pair some of this award winning winery's great wines. 

Amber grew up on Vancouver Island and moved to the Okanagan in 2009 to pursue her passion for wine. Her knowledge, impeccable palate and love for rosé had her sought after by some of the Okanagan's best wineries. She came to C.C. Jentsch Cellars with an elite background of experience at Nk'Mip Cellars, Road 13, and Black Hills Estate Winery before accepting Chris' offer to craft his mature Golden Mile Bench fruit into award winning wines.

Have a great holiday season

Christmas dinner is often a big feast that presents us with spectacular opportunities to play with enlightening and delicious wine pairings. The most delightful food and wine pairings are those that are either complimentary or contrasting.
In complimentary pairings, you select a feature element of your dish, and match those flavours to one you might find in a wine.  I say an ‘element’ of the dish, because it’s unlikely to match an entire entrée with all its seasonings, sauces and sides perfectly to a wine…as a wine enjoyer, I have yet to find a ‘turkey-flavoured’ wine, and frankly, I don’t think I ever really want to!
Furthermore, when I think of a big traditional Christmas dinner, it’s the side dishes I get more excited about than the turkey or the ham.  Crispy herbed stuffing, sweet creamy yam casserole, and tartly mouth-watering Grand Marnier-laced cranberry sauce…mmm! Turkey? What turkey?
It’s exactly because they are so robustly flavourful that many favorite sides get paired with the somewhat more subtly flavored turkey.  This is the foundation of contrast pairing.  The salty, buttery stuffing enlivens each bite of turkey, and the cranberry sauce refreshes the palate, making my mouth water for just one more bite!
This holiday season I will have three bottles of wine at the table (to share, of course!):

2013 Viognier: 

This white wine shines as a refreshing counterpoint to anything salty and savory. Whether served with the cheese plate or the salty ham, our Viognier shines its golden light of juicy peach and fresh lemon flavours.  With a gloriously rich weight and mouthfeel, it stands up to such hearty fare. 

2013 The Dance:

If you serve rosé, you don’t even need cranberry sauce! The Dance is a basket of refreshing bright red fruits, with a slight herbal edge that complements both the rosemary-sage seasoning on your turkey, as well as all your favorite veggie side dishes.
Dry in style, our rosé is also a natural with appetizers of all types; my Nanny makes a French Canadian paté called ‘creton’ and this is a match made in heaven!

2013 The Chase:

Fruity, spicy and warming, this red blend complements all your herbs and spices, and has the subtle tannin and freshness to contrast the richness of glistening roast turkey, rosy ham, wine-braised roast beef or a rich vegetarian mushroom tart. 
When the leftovers are all put away and you’re sitting contentedly next to the tree, pour yourself another glass of this comforting red wine.

Happy Holidays and Bon Appetit!

            Amber Pratt, Winemaker, C.C. Jentsch Cellars