Thursday, January 8, 2015

C.C. Jentsch Cellars, What's in a name, but a true love story!

With Valentine's day around the corner I thought this was a nice story to share.

At C.C. Jentsch Cellars, the focus on crafting the finest fruit into honestly made, premium wines that represent outstanding quality and value. All of these luscious wines come from sun-soaked, mature, Okanagan fruit and with a very reasonable price tag.


Like most people you probably assumed that C. C. were Chris’ initials? Me too! Actually, they stand for his middle name, Carl, and his wife`s middle name, Coelho, which means rabbit in Portuguese. Chris' branding describes his life, or more accurately, the most important part of it- his love and devotion for his wife, Betty. For 30 years, Chris believed that both he and Betty, born in 1963, were the same Chinese Zodiac sign - the Rabbit. One day, a Korean restaurateur explained to him that the Chinese New Year starts in February, and suddenly he realized that he had been a Tiger all along. Chris illustrates all of this in his branding and the names of his wines: 'The Chase', and 'The Dance' (a Rosé), are all themes coming from the pursuit of, and desire for the one woman I have loved for so many years. And one day I am going to catch her...”


Chris Jentsch is a man, a husband, a father and a farmer. He grew grapes for decades when he and agroup of friends pondered what they would do differently if they could go back 40 years…and the answers were all the same - take more risks. This stayed with Chris and fueled the fire to turn his estate grown fruit into good, honest wine. That’s the story, no frills or gimmicks, just a guy taking risks. Chris is down to earth, kind, and lives life “one day at a time”.

This Valentine'sday, cut to the chase and get the chase.

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